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  • Writer's pictureState Rep. Delia Ramirez

Statement on the Police Murder of Adam Toledo

April 15, 2021

"My heart is broken for Adam Toledo and his family. The video released today reveals what most in the community already knew: the Chicago Police Department murdered a terrified child as he attempted to comply with their orders. Please take care of yourselves, and do not watch it if you can avoid it.

You don’t need to watch this video to conclude that our 'justice system' is incredibly cruel and failing to keep our communities safe. Our system failed Adam, just as it has failed countless of black and brown young men before him. We should not be ok with this. We can do, and must do, better.

We can create public safety systems that are not based on criminalization and punishment, and instead prioritize public health and healing. We can disinvest from systems that further traumatize black and brown children, and instead invest in making sure every child in our communities has their social, emotional, and material needs met."

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