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Leader Delia Ramirez Re-Introduces Emergency Housing Assistance Legislation

February 25, 2021 - SPRINGFIELD, Ill.

Leader Delia Ramirez (D-Chicago), has introduced legislation to provide emergency financial assistance and protections for Illinoisans in danger of losing their homes due to foreclosure or eviction. HB2877 is a reintroduction of SB3066, which passed in the House on January 12th, during lame duck session but was not called for a vote in the Senate. The measure has been championed by State Senators Omar Aquino (D-Chicago), Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago), Robert Peters (D-Chicago), and State Representative Lindsey LaPointe (D-Chicago), in the House.

This legislation targets the needs of homeowners and renters. This bill will help address the crisis of evictions and foreclosures that hundreds of thousands across the state are facing right now. This bill creates critical protections for those facing eviction during the pandemic, by automatically sealing eviction records, creating clear guidelines to make sure those most in need receive Emergency Rental Assistance through a new federal program which will distribute over $800 million in aid, and institutes foreclosure protections so that families will not lose their homes.

“The urgency was great the first time we brought this legislation to the House, as evidenced by the overwhelming bi-partisan support when it was called for a vote. The bill not being called for a vote in the Senate was devastating, and the situation is even more dire now. Many Illinois families are in recurring danger of losing the roof over their heads. It’s our job to take action to prevent people from being forced out of their homes.

The hardships inflicted upon working people by this pandemic are ruthless and relentless; we must be proactive about passing policies that keep people housed. This legislation is necessary to serve our residents and meet survival needs during this pandemic,” said Ramirez.

Said Aquino, “Housing insecurity has plagued our communities for far too long. Gentrification has pushed out many families from neighborhoods like Humboldt Park, Hermosa and Logan Square. Now the pandemic has exacerbated this tenuous problem. What this legislation will do is thoughtfully and intentionally support these communities. Our state’s share of federal funds particularly need to be targeted to, and need to reach, these families because that will make all of the difference.”

“The people of Illinois have been living through a time of unprecedented, unrelenting crisis. As we work our way out of this pandemic, we have a moral responsibility to help people stay in their homes while providing relief to small landlords,” said LaPointe. “I believe the HB2877 will provide immediate, fundamental assistance to people who are at risk for losing their housing, and look forward to getting this important bill passed as soon as possible.”


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