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Ramirez, LaPointe, Peters & Villivalam Propose Emergency Housing Legislation

January 8, 2021 - SPRINGFIELD, Ill.

In order to reduce hardship for the many families increasingly struggling to stay in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, State Representatives Delia C. Ramirez and Lindsey LaPointe, D-Chicago, in partnership with State Senators Robert Peters and Ram Villivalam, D-Chicago, have introduced SB3066 House Amendment 4, emergency housing legislation to be considered during the lame duck legislative session. The bill legislates an eviction moratorium, creates a process to seal evictions during the pandemic period, extends foreclosure protections, and gives guidance to state agencies on administering the $800 million in Emergency Rental Assistance which Illinois will receive through the most recent stimulus.

“The personal and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to harm everyday people throughout our neighborhoods,” said Peters. “Among those heavily impacted are renters and homeowners across the country and state, who are struggling to make ends meet. With the onset of a new session, I will work with advocates and colleagues to advance and prioritize emergency housing legislation that will address our escalating housing crisis.”

Said Villivalam, "As the pandemic continues into the winter months, it is more important than ever to protect housing for working families. My office and I have spoken with and helped hundreds of constituents facing difficulty. No one should be forced out of their home because of a lost job, illness or inability to pay rent during these difficult times."

“First and foremost, we are in a public health crisis and there is a critical need for people to remain safe and housed. We took a comprehensive approach with this legislation to make certain no one falls through the cracks and ends up on the street - with renters and homeowners front of mind” said LaPointe.

The proposed legislation includes:

● Eviction protections, including automatic sealing of evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic;

● Extension of an eviction moratorium through September 2021, modeled after the Governor’s current executive order;

● Guidelines for administering the Emergency Rental Assistance which the state and local municipalities will receive through the latest federal stimulus;

● A stay on foreclosure proceedings for homeowners and small landlords impacted by the pandemic.


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