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Lame Duck Session, Speaker Welch, & Inauguration

January 14, 2021 - SPRINGFIELD, Ill.

State Rep. Delia Ramirez, D-Chicago, was sworn in for her second term as State Representative for the 4th Illinois House District this Wednesday at the conclusion of the lame duck session, during which her work focused primarily on housing security and criminal justice reform.

Ramirez released the following statement:

“Over these last days of the previous legislative session, Illinois has made tremendous progress towards a more just and hopeful future, in large part through correcting the mistakes of our past. I first wish to congratulate State Representative Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch on his election to House Speaker this Wednesday. He is an experienced, fair, collaborative, and grounded leader, with a record of progressive advocacy for all Illinoisians. The inauguration of the first Black Speaker in Illinois’ 202-year history is a promising move for our state, that I am proud to have had a role in. Empowering leaders of color at all levels of government is an essential aspect in achieving racial equality.

“Still, Illinois undoubtedly grapples with a crisis of systemic racism. That is why new legislation reforming our criminal justice system is so necessary. For far too long, black and brown members of our communities have endured prejudice and unequal treatment by law enforcement and our justice system. I am especially encouraged by the passage of the Pretrial Fairness Act, which will end cash bail in Illinois; a practice which packed our jails with countless people not convicted of a crime, most of whom are Black and Latinx.

“We have also achieved reforms expanding housing rights. SB1980, which passed as part of the Black Caucus economic justice pillar, will ensure that people with a record have fair access to public housing. I was proud to be the original sponsor of this important legislation."

"I am disappointed that SB3066, our desperately-needed emergency housing legislation to provide eviction protections and a stay on foreclosure proceedings, was not called for a vote by Senate leadership. I am grateful for the overwhelming support shown by my colleagues in the House, however, and will make sure this is a top priority for the 102nd General Assembly. This session has overall yielded significant progress for housing rights in Illinois and I look forward to building on this work in the coming session.”


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