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  • Writer's pictureState Rep. Delia Ramirez

2019 Spring Legislative Session

Rep Ramirez Accomplishments

Tax reform

  • Co-chief sponsor of a constitutional amendment for a fair tax which passed both chambers and will be on the 2020 ballot.

  • Supported and passed (fair tax) rates, giving 97% of Illinois taxpayers a tax break while asking the wealthy to pay their fair share.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Passed HB2649 to create a task force that will develop policy recommendations to reform our justice system to better address the trauma and needs of children of the incarcerated.

  • Sponsored and advocated for justice focused cannabis legalization with significant criminal justice reforms (including expungement of cannabis-related records), investments to ensure revenues go back to communities most impacted by criminalization and the war on drugs, and grants to ensure people of color can access economic opportunities from the cannabis business

Homeless Prevention

  • Chief Sponsored and passed HB3331 to strengthen the Homeless Prevention program. The bill will help organizations provide comprehensive case management and expand access to the Homeless Prevention grant to more families allowing them to stay in their homes not just delay homelessness.

  • Championed and secured an increase of $4 million in appropriations for the Homeless Prevention program

State Budget

  • Passed a bipartisan balanced budget which restores previous cuts to human services and higher education, and significantly increases funding for k-12 education by $379 million.

  • Championed increases for important programs including Parent Mentors, Homeless Prevention, Homeless Services, and frontline DCFS workers

Capital Budget

Passed a capital budget that includes:

  • Over $4 million in infrastructure investments for 4th district community organizations, hospitals, and schools.

  • 50 million annual investment into bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Over $4 billion in investments for transit with 23% allocated to public transit including significant renovations and improvements to the blue line.

Universal Basic Income

  • Chief Sponsored and passed SB1735 which protects state benefits for individuals participating in basic income research programs.

  • This bill will make it possible for Illinois residents to participate in an innovative basic income research study which promises to deliver at least $20 million dollars in cash transfers to Illinois residents from private funders.

Families and Child Welfare

  • Chief Sponsored and passed HB2723 which creates a task force to research ways to strengthen the child welfare workforce. The task force must evaluate the compensation and workload of child welfare workers, its impact on recruitment and retention, and how high turnover rates affect safety and timely permanency of children.

  • Championed increased funding for DCFS to ensure adequate staffing levels of front line workers.


  • Chief Sponsored and passed SB2272, an important education oversight bill which ensures contract schools are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act.

  • Championed and passed a budget that includes increases of $379 million for k-12 education and $150 million for higher education.


  • Chief Sponsored and passed SB1166 which will remove the citizenship requirement for becoming licensed in several professions including plumbing, well pump installers, and liquor retailers.

  • Chief Sponsored and Passed HB3711 to ensure that both men and women's restrooms are equipped with baby changing stations so that all families have access to this basic service in public spaces.

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