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Housing Bills 

102-General Assembly
101-General Assembly

HB2877 - Creates the Covid 19 Emergency Housing Assistance Act

This bill is designed to provide a safety net for individuals and families suffering from financial hardships due to COVID-19

Individuals and families will have a form of protection when facing homelessness, instability, or any other critical hardship caused by Covid-19.  Their health and well-being  won't be jeopardized,  housing  assistance will be provided in order to preserve their families stability and livelihoods.

HB3331- Expands Access to the Homeless Prevention Program 

HB 3331 amends the Homelessness Prevention Act by making changes to the types of assistance offered to households to prevent homelessness. Payment of a rent or mortgage arrearage

Payment of a security deposit. Payment of rent or mortgage.

HB 3331 adds that in no case shall the total assistance for a household be greater than the equivalent of 6 months of rent or mortgage payments.

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